Thursday, January 25, 2007

Flying Piggy's

You read some of my posts which referenced Flying Piggy's. Well, this time, we brought the camera and snapped some pictures.

Not having visited italy (yet), Flying Piggy's reminds me of a French brasserie; for not very much money, you can eat a good meal prepared with respect of the ingredients and the love of food. So inexpensive in fact that one might well decide to go there many times a week.

Some examples:

Mixed greens and vegetable melange $5.95

Mussels With leeks, chilies and cream. 9.95

The Flighty Boar
Fresh pasta (made daily) with prosciutto and mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce.
Half-portion $9.95

Just thinking of that flighty boar makes me want to have it again! I think we'll book a reservation for next week...

Just one little negative note: the building's insulation does not seem to be the greatest, which makes the place a bit chilly in the winter. Nothing that a glass of red wine can't fix though.

Flying Piggy's
1665 Bank StreetOttawa, ON K1V-7Z2

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