Monday, January 15, 2007

Forno Antico

We frequently drive on Bronson to and back from downtown and I always have been curious about the little pizza place with a stack of wood logs in the front of the Charlesfort condo development.

Aside from Luigi's accent which needs a little bit of getting used to, we were impressed by the pizza. The crust was very good, like a very good french baguette. Toppings are fresh and the ensemble is very nice. You won't find five varieties of stuffed, pan, square, oval, triangular, what have you pizza pies. However, you will find authenticity and that is a very strong point in our book.

Although rating pizzas is probably more subjective than any other type of food (ask 10 people and you will have 10 different and conflicting answers on which is the best), we thought that this place deserves to be tried.

Their delivery radius is limited to the downtown area so, you might have to plan a bit.


Forno Antico
683 Bronson street

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