Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kibbles at JC and May's

The Pud here:

Well, I wanted to take this opportunity to review the dining options at Chez May & JC.

Let's first start with the serving times; only twice a day and at very set times (8am and 5pm). What if a cat gets hungry around noon? No munchies? Disappointing!
Also, the portions left a little bit to be desired. I would suggest that the kitchen doubles them... wait, triples them. Yeah, that would be much better! I'd meow to that!

And the menu does not change... ever! Not that I mind all that much because I am very picky; I like my kibbles and nothing else will do. But come on people, give it a bit of flair! What about kibbles 'au jus'? Kibbles tartare? Seared kibbles on a bed of finely chopped kibbles? Just use your imagination.

And what's with the toilet bowl less than 5 feet away from the eating area? This is not very professional!

Will I come back? As if I have a choice! They lock the outside door and unless I figure out that opposable thumbs trick, that's pretty much it for me!

In closing, I would give food at JC & May one paw up and I'd like to add one last thing: meow!

The Pud

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Anonymous said...

My cuisine hasn't improved since the posting of this review at Chez May & JC... The management needs to pay more attention to me... Meow.