Sunday, February 11, 2007

Adventure in Shenzhen...

We went to Shenzhen for foot massages - HK $66 for 2 hours (Cdn $10) - and afterwards, we decided to have dinner at a restaurant in Shenzhen before taking the train back to HK. Eating in Shenzhen is always an adventure... you never know what kind of things you will find...

Like most restaurant, there are some fish tanks inside the restaurant with lots of selections. My dad saw some soft shell turtles and decided they'd make a nice braised dish. I've seen soft shell turtles in restaurants before, so I wasn't surprised at all. However, when I saw a plastic container full of worms, I was a little taken aback. "Dad, is that for real?" "Sure," he replied. "They're not bad, wanna try?" I hesitated for a few seconds before nodding my head. I figure people eat ants and crickets... why not worm? Being Chinese myself, I have to represent well. I walked back to our table, still half dazed at what I had agreed to.

That night, we had 6 different dishes. Chicken, fish, parboiled worms, clay pot noodles, braised soft shell turtles, and a noodle roll-up (one stuffed with chopped veggies, the other peanut and coconut shreds). The only dish I had never tried before was the parboiled worms. I discovered that the worms do not have much of a taste... a little chewy - has a texture similar to squid. Not bad... but I don't think I will order that again.

Parboiled worms... (left)
(right) Braised soft shell turtle...

The quality of the meal is merely alright. Certainly there are much better restaurants in HK - even Shenzhen. However, kudos goes to the braised soft shell turtles. The meat was soft, but the shell chewy. It made a pleasant combination.

Our adventure in Shenzhen cost HK$428 for 5 people.

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