Thursday, January 25, 2007

Arome at the Hilton Lac Leamy

May works for State Farm and she has a great boss; as a reward for a great quarter, her team (and spouses) was taken out to dinner at the Arome restaurant, at the Casino du Lac Leamy, in Gatineau (Hull sector).

This was the third time we ate at Arome (twice for dinner, and once for breakfast).

The food is honest; it is cooked right, presented well and adequately tasty. However, I don't think that one should expect to get a gastronomical event to be remembered at Arome.

The combination of ingredient is always relatively simple and not very inventive. The portions sure are large though if you are into quantity.

Is it worth a trip? Well, if you are there and you cannot afford the Baccara, sure. Otherwise, go straight to the Baccara which has a much higher level of service and the quality of food is far superior. Yeah yeah, it is probably an unfair comparison because your bill will be about half as large at Arome than at Baccara. However, if you are looking for a comparably priced restaurant and you are not already on the casino floor, you should instead opt for The Urban Pear.

Hilton Hotel
3 Boulevard du Casino
Gatineau, Quebec

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