Monday, March 19, 2007


May is back from her month holiday in Hong Kong and all Dim Sum-ed out. Knowing my love for cheese, a co-worker told us about this cheese place on the Gatineau side called "La Trappe a Fromage". We decided to check it out. Since it is pretty close to the best Poutine place around and I know May craves this Quebecois dish from time to time, we're planning for the double-bypass special.

La Trappe actually produce their own brand of cheeses and sell a large assortment of regional Quebec cheeses and other fine food products. We were slightly disapointed to find the cheese counter to be relatively small if compared to the market's cheese counters such as The International House of cheese. However, what La Trappe does not have in display quantity, it certainly has in uniqueness. Worth a visit if you want your tastebuds to experience the Quebec cheeses experience.

We then headed to "La Pataterie Hulloise" at the corner of St-Joseph and Montclair. Not much to say about the place. It's a dive. It's always full. It's got the best poutine we have found in the Ottawa/Gatineau region (see picture of a satisfied customer on the right). We were once told that Elgin street diner's was the best. However, we disagree; we much prefer the original brown, overly salty sauce of Pataterie over any other. Sure helps that you can order a poutine with extra sauce and extra cheese too! And if it has got approval from the Chinese community, it must be worth something, right?

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