Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mooney's Bay Bistro

If you have been reading our blog for a while, you now know that we are on the hunt for a good breakfast place in Ottawa's Hunt-Club area. I do not like Cora's food (May thinks their coffee is quite possibly the worst in Ottawa). There is a Denny's close by but that's not a great breakfast either.

So, the other day, as part of our weekly those of useless flyers and other junk mail, we received this rebate coupon for Mooney's Bay Bistro. Ah! Maybe it is a sign of the breakfast gods, or so I thought. We went to check it out on a Sunday morning. The place is located in a strip mall on the back of a condo tower, right next to Mooney's Bay. There is ample parking. The inside is decorated in what I would call "grandpa's cottage" style; wood beams on the ceiling, various framed art pieces of questionnable taste and homey-if not a bit dingy- setting.

I found the food itself to be fair; my eggs florentine were nothing to write much about but I liked the sauce. The eggs were slightly overcooked. However, considering the price and the fact that someone else made them, I was reasonnably content. I tried May's Benedict and had the same opinion about her dish. She did not like it much.
All and all, I would say that your mileage may vary but check it out if you are in the neighbourhood, you won't be risking much:

Eggs Benedict $8.75
Eggs Florentine $8.50
OJ $2.00 (fake stuff... not good)

Now, if you live anywhere more than 3 km away, I can safely say that you probably have a local joint that will serve you equivalent food locally (i.e. it's not worth a big detour)

Mooney's Bay Bistro
730 Ridgewood Avenue
(613) 260-7550

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