Thursday, March 1, 2007


While May is still basking in the south-eastern sun, Cheez and I went to Singapore... the restaurant, that is.

We were trying to remember the last time we had been there... it has been 10 years! However, you have to understand that the story of Singapore is very much tied to the boom and bust of the high tech sector in Ottawa. Singapore was the lunch hangout of the high-tech luminaries from Corel, Nortel and the likes. The owner, a very nice and chatty fella, was a knowledge hub of what was going on in our field. With the major job cuts of 2001, the clientèle changed and dried up a little. As for us, we changed companies and Singapore was no longer as conveniently located for us anymore.

Anyhow, as I step in the empty restaurant (it is an early week night), Cheez is already deep into a conversation with the owner (right) about whether or not one should have kids. I am glad to report that the house policy of 10% food and 90% chat is still in effect at Singapore.

So, we both order a Laksa (left), which is still as good as I could remember. It is a spicy vermicelli soup, with chicken or shrimp (ours was chicken), some bean curds and other various tasty ingredients. Definitely worth the detour!

Food is cheap there. I would advise the owners that it is actually too cheap. The evening menu prices could be raised by 20% easily.

We talked with the owner for about 2 hours, way after the last bites of our banana fritters were taken.

I promised the owner that we would visit more often.

69 Kempster Avenue
ON K2B 6M2
(613) 820-4119

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