Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Gatineau: Brunch at Banco

On Sunday the 29th, we went to the Lac-Leamy casino for brunch. Banco is on the second level. There are a few reasons why I like it: it's got good variety, the food all pretty good and since they don't stack a tons of the same dish, they have to re-stock frequently and the dishes are therefore always fresh. But there are also a few reasons why I enjoy it which are very personal; I enjoy the background noise of a lot of people talking, and Banco has "Pouding Chomeur", a traditional Québec dessert which is incredibly sweet (probably too sweet for most).
I tried to find a recipe in English but they all missed the critical ingredients which is maple syrup. So, brush up your French and check out http://www.recettes.qc.ca/recettes/index.php?id=391

May tells me that Banco's coffee is better than Cora's ;-).

It used to be very busy on Sundays. No longer it seems as the last few times we have been, we got a table right away.

No fancy eat here but for a weekend of Dolce Vitae (likely going to score major brownie points with the lady), why not check-in at the Hilton. Get a SPA treatment at AmeriSPA. Lounge by the pool with a good book. Get some much deserved long night of sleep and after having waken up at 11am, finish it at the Banco for brunch?

Sounds good to me.

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