Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kingston: Chez Piggy

Our second time at Chez Piggy in Kingston. The whole restaurant and experience is eclectic; the decor is somewhat dated. The tables will remind one of a shack setting. The cutlery and plates are not on a par with the nice food that they are meant to present. The dish presentation is uninspired and the staff clearly was not trained at Cordon Bleu.

However, the food is prepared with attention and is, well, overall very good! (and inexpensive) My theory about Chez Piggy is that we are dealing with a curious and experienced chef with no formal training, but willing to experiment with flavors. It sometimes is a miss but is often an astonishingly interesting culinary experience. It was interesting to contrast it with Casa Domenico on the next day, where the experience was one of a trained chef with lots of skills but less imagination and less willingness to take risks.

Go Piggy!


68-R Princess St.,
ON K7L 1A5
Phone: 613-549-7673


Richard said...

Actually I enjoyed reading your stuff and found we have similar tastes and expectations of most restaurants.

Found your blog from ottawafoodies.com (and love the formatting and pics). Are you on there as well? I am on as LiveToEat.


JC said...

Hi Richard!

thanks. My wife May reads ottawafoodies.com quite frequently. I'd love to but I am short on time. Actually, there are quite a few restaurants that we have been to lately that I have not had the time to post about on the blog.

One thing I was thinking is that it would be nice for the Ottawa foodies to gather somewhere one of these days and exchange about our food discoveries.