Sunday, May 13, 2007

Montreal: Feirrera Café

My birthday weekend: May and I took the train to Montreal, checked-in to a condo we rented close to the old-port and... went for food!

For the past year or so, we can't go to Montreal without having a thought for Feirrera Café. This portuguese restaurant consistently delivers amazing seafood and fish and even has very good desserts to finish. All of this in a warm mediterranean ambiance that will leave you wanting to book the next visit right away.

Seems that the Montreal art community likes the place as well; last time we were there (or was it the time before?), Edouard Lock, La La La Human Step's choreographer was eating at the counter.

Here's the rundown of our feast:

A bit of an idea of the place. The open kitchen is in the back. Lovely wife in the forefront...

The complimentary olives and white beans, always a nice way to start a mediterranean meal.

The grilled octopus ($18)... was a bit overcooked. It should never be even the least bit chewy. I did hesitate before mentioning it. Everything else was so incredibly good that I do not want to leave any doubt in your mind that the place is a foodie's heaven. Ok, forget that I mentioned it... (Insert Jedi mind trick here)

May's scallops salad ($18). Very nice.
Grilled scallops, seasonal vegetable salad,
chouriço and candied onion dressing

Pepper seared tuna, smashed Yukon gold potatoes with foie
gras, “jus perlé” with truffle oil ($40)

Grilled seabass with various veggies ($36)

This dish was so tasty. The rustic flavors (basic ingredients cooked in a traditional fashion, delivering bold tastes) also contrasted nicely with mine (the tuna) which had modern flavors (layered flavoring with a combination of soft and crunchy)

Almond tartlet ($11)
Desserts at Feirrera are as good as the main courses. This was no exception. Nam!

Book it!

1446 Peel Street

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