Sunday, May 13, 2007

Montreal: Mother's day brunch at the Ritz-Carlton

On Sunday May 13th, we invited my mother for brunch at the Ritz-Carlton. We had heard good things about it and overall, were not disappointed.

I did not inquire at all about price. Well, maybe I should have, the mother's day brunch was $75 per person. Yikes! Oh well, you only live once. I am assuming that their regular brunch is not as expensive. In any case, that was not your typical brunch either; exotic seafood, extensive cold and warm buffet with made to order eggs Benedict, and I think I saw quails. There was an exquisite cheese table where all the cheeses were labeled (nice touch) and went from the very mild to the most pungent (nam!)

The dessert table was also very impressive and equally good. I like to believe that I make a pretty mean Tiramisu. I rarely am happy with the restaurants' rendering of it. The Ritz' was pretty good (it's all in the folding).

What we all appreciated most however is the setting; the duck pond and the fountain enclosed between the hotel's walls provide a little island of privacy and calm that is very enjoyable.

The one critique I would make is that the attendance was... mmm, a bit stiff. Seems like an old money hangout.

Give it a try on a non mother's day weekend!

On another note, I'm working on the Feirrera Café and La Chronique entries which we went to on the Friday and Saturday on that same weekend. However, I am bizzy and have not had much time to spend on the blog... hopefully it'll be done next week.

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