Sunday, May 13, 2007

Montreal: Olive + Gourmando

My wife May is the REO (Restaurant Executive Officer) of the family; she is pretty darn good at finding the nice places to eat wherever we go. Did she ever find a nice place in Olive & Gourmando.

Inside is a very homey and inviting setting where people can not only order bread and various fine food and baked goods, but also lunch in. The panini are very, very good; fresh ingredients, made to order. The portions are also very large, which means two can feast on a single panino and a side salad.

Small Salad ($7.50)

"Le Printanier" panino ($9.00)
Pesto, asparagus, bresaola (cured beef) and mozzarella... Oh, so good!

Olive et Gourmando
551 St-Paul West

P.S. One panino, two panini...

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