Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chicago: Everest

What can I say? There isn't much that we liked at Everest. It was not very full but we were not seated somewhere were we could enjoy the "view" (Everest is a the 40th floor of the stock exchange building). I was also expecting much more impressive views but the restaurant faces North, where the scenery is not all that interesting (not the harbour front).

Decor is somewhat dated but it could be charming in sort of a retro-kitsch way, if it was not so glaringly lit.

I won't spend much time about Everest; we were disappointed. Food was average (certainly not worth the price), staff was cold and seemed jaded. Maybe it was a bad day but I don't think so. Everest felt like a restaurant that would like to serve sophisticated foodies but is stuck serving boring business people wanting to show off. The kitchen's frustration transpires in its dishes.


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