Friday, July 20, 2007

Hong Kong: Gough 40

Nestled in the middle of the small Gough street, not far from the loud Lan Kwai Fong, we found Gough 40. If the building did not happen to be owned by May's dad, we would likely never tried this place. Surprinsingly good and definitely unpretentious, Gough 40, for me, captures the entrepreneurial spirit of Hong Kong; the owners basically learned their craft (including food making) on the fly and adjusted to the need and wants of their clientele. The result is sometimes a bit weird (serving garlic bread before the meal), sometimes amateurish (table service doesn't quite follow protocol, presentation could use some work) but the food we had there was great (fresh, prepared with care, and so tasty). Actually, we prefered it to HK Joel Robuchon; it was less pretentious and,as far as I'm concerned, as good. This is, to me, the entreprenarial spirit of Hong Kong; anyone can hope to succeed if they are willing to try hard and see obstacles as just one more opportunity to distance yourself from your competitors.

Grilled Duck Breasts with Sun-Dried Cherry Sauce

Fresh Pasta

G/F 40 Gough StreetSheung WanHong KongTel. 2851 8498
HKD $1000 for us two (About CDN $140)

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