Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ottawa: Wellington Gastro Pub

Ok, before I left for India, we went to try out the Wellington Gastro Pub. I won't say much here because lighting was so dim that none of the pictures turned-out. Worth mentioning is that food was good. Actually, the mushroom appetizer I had was divine.

Next time (in a few weeks) we go back, I will use flash photo (usually makes the food looks bad) and report in more details.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Plane food... and not so plain food!

On November 19th, I'm taking off for Pune, India for business. I plan to use some of nights over there to sample the local cuisine.
One thing I am certainly not looking forward to is the flight; the longest leg is 14 hours. Luckily, my employer's policy if for us to fly business for flights longer than 8 hours. This reminded me of a few things I wanted to share:

1. Plane food in economy class is disgusting and seemingly has gotten worse over the years.
2. Last time I flew, from Hong Kong, I requested a seat behind the washroom section or in the emergency exit row. Those rows have more leg room (in the latter, because the seat in front does not recline). Well, to my surprise, the guy at the United booth offered a cheap upgrade to business class. So here's my recommendation; always ask if there's a cheap upgrade if you are going to fly for more than 10 hours! It is worth it. Just do the math. For me, it was less than 40% over the price of an already discounted economy ticket.

3. Food in business is exponentially better. Actually, I should say, food in business class is food! (not quite sure how to call what they serve in economy)

I included the business class menu below for your perusal (I had the steak, cooked 'a la minute', according to my instructions):