Tuesday, December 4, 2007

India: Various

For the past 2 weeks, I was in India for business. This afforded me some time to sample the local cuisine.
First observation; the Indian food we get in Canada is a very limited subset of the full offering that is available in India.
My hosts were very concerned about my ability to deal with spicy food, which turned out not to be a problem; I didn't find anything there that was so spicy as not to be edible. However, the pollution and crazy driving there is what really killed me! I got dizzy as soon as I was in the car for more than 10 minutes.

But I digress... Here are a few spots that I visited.

Panchavati Gurav; a Pune restaurant offering Nasik regional cruisine.
On the plate:
Khadi ( clockwise on the little cups)
Aloo curry
Rasmalai (sweet)

Ondhio ( in the little steel plate
Ladies finger fry (okra)
Pooran poli ( litte circular rotis that was sweet)
Methi rot ( little dark brown rotis, not sweet)
Green chutney
Red chutney
Pickle ( mango)
Green chillies
Lemon slice

They also gave us Jaljeera, a green drink that was...mmmm.... disgustingly salty. Not too fond of that thing. I was told by my peers in Pune that the restaurant somewhat screwed it up actually (it was too salty even for their taste)

The dish above, we had at the top of Le Meridien Hotel in Pune. Very nice setting with a rooftop pool and barbecue. Food offered was veg and non-veg (as it is declined everywhere in Pune)

I spent two days in Mumbai (Bombay) and stayed at the Taj Mahal Palace. It was great because the Hotel is centrally located and I could just walk pretty much anywhere I wanted to go.
Food at the Taj was OK. The buffet (below) had a lot of variety but overall, I was a bit disappointed with the quality/price of food at the Taj. I would suggest you venture out of its walls. The last night, I went to Tendulkar's, a restaurant just a few blocks away. Food there was good. However, I tried some Indian red wine and.... well... you better avoid India wine for another 10 years!