Friday, February 22, 2008

San Diego

When we travel, May is the restaurant sleuth. Our trip to San Diego was no exception and she read about a great to have brunch called Café 222, so we went.

Below is 222's specialty, the pumpkin waffle. It was pumpkin and it was definitely a waffle. Besides for those facts, it was pretty much uneventful for me... (Orange, in Chicago, easily beats Cafe 222. However, it might not be worth the drive if you live in San Diego)

At night, we checked-out JSix which is - what do you know, at the corner of 'J' street and 6th avenue. Decent food, very nice decor. It was a Monday night but even then, I thought that the place was really empty.

Simply raw: Hawaiian tuna, oysters, smoked salmon tartar, scallop seviche, Yukon potato chips on the side (not pictured).

The Maine lobster salad and the roasted asparagus salad (very yummy)

Grilled Brandt Beef Rib eye; caramelized broccolini, lobster whipped potatoes and lobster reduction. That was really good.

Both our deserts were not very good; not delicate and no interesting flavors. JSix should outsource their pastry chef... or replace him/her.

All in all, a good time in San Diego. Friendly people, quaint little downtown with a few good restaurants to pick from.