Friday, September 26, 2008

Hong Kong: Cafe on the Park

We now live in Hong Kong, for better and/or for worse...

We left pretty much everything behind: I quit a high paying job, we sold our house, we left our friends and my family. The reason: the business bug has taken me over; we started a book publishing company in Hong Kong. Fountain Publisher (www.fountainpublisher.com) is up and running... and we now have little revenues and a lifestyle that is far (very far) from what we had before. But you have to start somewhere!

This won't prevent us from going out for dinner. But maybe not at restaurants in the same price range as before. And, occasionally, we might get invited to the really nice places!

Anyhow, the first place we went to (for my nephew's birthday) is Cafe on the Park.
Overall, we were underwhelmed by the quality of food, provided this was relatively expensive. Meat were generally overcooked, western-style food was passable at best. Chinese dishes were ok but nothing to drool over. Variety was certainly there though.

What saved it was the desert buffet ; lots of variety and unusual flavors.

Cafe on the Park.
Tel: (852) 2738 2322
2/F, Hotel Wing, The Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers
China Hong Kong City, Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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