Monday, September 22, 2008

Montreal: Newtown

JC abandoned me one afternoon so I decided to explore Montreal on my own and treat myself to a nice little lunch at Newtown, a restaurant owned by the famous F1 driver, Jacques Villeneuve.

I was seated near the window and it was perfect for people watching while I ate. I started with a green salad. The greens were fresh and crisp, but the dressing was way too salty and I was a little let down by it. Someone was a little too liberal with the salt shaker in the kitchen! At this point I wasn't very hopeful for a yummy main, since they had messed up a super easy dish. However, when they brought me the Saute de crevettes epicees aux legumes et couscous (Spicy shrimps and vegetable stir fry on couscous), it smelled delicious and I was attracted by the size of the shrimps! I was hooked after one bite of the shrimp. The shrimps were cooked exactly right - and the sweetness/tanginess of the sauce contrasted beautifully with the spiciness. The vegetables were still a little cruncy, exactly the way I like it.

I'd be happy to overlook the salad dressing and return for more of the shrimps...


Total: $16 CDN + taxes
1476 Crescent,
Montreal, QC

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