Monday, November 24, 2008

Hong Kong: Best Wonton in Hong Kong!

Our friend Rob was on a business trip here and we took him to what are supposed to be the best Wonton noodles place in Hong Kong; Tsimchaikee, and Mak's, both on Wellington street.

It was our first time as well. Both places were packed. Oh, yeah, by the way, we went to one, right after the other... so perfect scenario for comparison.

Our verdict: despite for their smaller wontons, Mak as an edge because of their broth; much tastier than Tsimchaikee's. If you have only one place to go an quality beat quantity, go to Mak's. However, they are both good and inexpensive.

77 Wellington Sreet, Central

Mak's Noodles (Makenkee)
98 Wellington Sreet, Central

Rob, visibly satisfied with his Wonton.

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