Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hong Kong: 1/5 Nuevo

Now that we are working in Hong Kong, we have to keep a tighter leash on our discretionary expenses. Sadly, food expenses was one of them and our nice dinners' out are far in between.
However, being two foodies, we can't tolerate this situation for too long...

For Christmas, I bought May the Hong Kong/Macau Michelin restaurant guide and we decided to try 1/5 Nuevo, recommended in the guide as a great value for the price.

And so it was. Not only is the atmosphere very pleasant, the food is also very good.

Chirozo; very thinly sliced, flavour boosted by the caramelized onions. (top)
Seared tuna; just right, meaty, nice seasoning, not fishy tasting at all. Light tangy vinaigrette (bottom)

Steak; very tasty, nice salad to accompany, thoroughly enjoyed.

Variation on the molten lava chocolate cake.


We had a lovely evening at 1/5 Nuevo and hope to go back as soon as possible!

Costed us HKD $900 for two, with wine and dessert.

1/5 Nuevo
9 Star Street, Wanchai

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