Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thailand (Cheweng Beach, Koh Samui); Prego

Chilling in Chaweng beach, at the Amari resort (travelers can find incredible deals in Hong Kong). May got good reviews for Prego and I always like Mediterranean food. We're somewhat on a budget but what the hell...

Caprese Salad.

Well, we were disappointed. Pasta were a bit overcooked. The sauce seemed to have flour in it, making it tick and less appealing in the mouth. Everything tasted a bit bland. The dessert however, was pretty good. I don't think that if we go back to Chaweng, we'd go back to Prego; there's so much more to taste in local Thai food, for cheaper, and, in my humble opinion, better...

2,200.90 Thai Baths. With wine. About $80 CDN.


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