Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hong Kong: 粗菜館

A bit tired of the same old, same old Fanling food,
we head to 粗菜館.

Decent dishes, good value, service is ok.

The greens are crisp, the dishes are flavourful and balanced (look nice, have a good combination of greens, meat and starch)

Worth a visit.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hong Kong: Jashan

We were in for some Indian food and the Michelin guide recommended Jashan as a decent place, not too expensive. The decor is a little bit dated but at the same time, I found it to be comforting; the trend in restaurants all around the world is for ultra-modern, hip-bar type decoration and although it is nice, it is starting to get old. I don't mind places that seems to be 'fixed' in time... as long as the food and service are good! Not too much trouble here at Jashan, food was fine and service was ok.

Tandoori Vegetable Kebab $68
Tandoori Chicken $78

Mud Pot cooked Lamb $85

Lentil Vada $38

Naan $24

Ras Malai $38

Mango Lassi $28
House Wine glass $45
Masala Tea $25

Total with service charge: $578
1st Fl. Amber Lodge,
23 Hollywood Road, Central
Tel: (852) 3105 5311

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hong Kong: Felix at The Peninsula

One late night, after a nice supper, we decided to end the evening at Felix, on the top floor at the Peninsula Hotel. The stunning views of Victoria Harbour are hard to beat. Very pricey place though (HKD $270 for one coffee, one drink and one dessert)
May thinks that the Cova coffee is better.

Cheese cake with wasabi sherbet. Tasty but we were hoping for New York style cheesecake. This is a bit of a mix between the New York and Japanese style cheesecakes.

Greenish drink; that was actually pretty good.

May, admiring the view. Me, admiring May... ;-)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hong Kong: Cova Cafe

So, May can't find a really good coffee in Hong Kong. Or so it seemed. Pacific Coffee, Starbucks, all the little restaurants we tried... nowhere was she really satisfied with the coffee!

That was until Cova. It was about 2-3pm and we were at Festival Walk in Kowloon when we decided to try Cova out.

Well, it is expensive but, according to May, the absolute best coffee she had in Hong Kong, bar none (she later had coffee at Felix, at the Peninsula and it was not as good as Cova's)

However, for me, the greatest discovery was not coffee (I don't drink coffee) but Cova's gelato: the place was full and the waiter had asked us to move to another table in order to make room for a family of 4. We didn't mind. To thank us, he brought us two cups of Gelato. A-mazing! The best gelato I ever had in my life; smooth and rich, sweet but not too much, very bold flavored. Yum!

They can ask us to again move anytime!

Downside: Cova is pricey.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hong Kong: Delicious Kitchen

(Chicken cutlet & grilled eel)

Our company, Fountain Publisher (Check us out; www.fountainpublisher.com) is in Mongkok so, we get to try tons of little restaurants in the area for our lunch outings.

Delicious Kitchen in the Pioneer centre is one of our frequent stops.

Food is tasty and not too expensive. Portion are pretty large.