Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hong Kong: Cova Cafe

So, May can't find a really good coffee in Hong Kong. Or so it seemed. Pacific Coffee, Starbucks, all the little restaurants we tried... nowhere was she really satisfied with the coffee!

That was until Cova. It was about 2-3pm and we were at Festival Walk in Kowloon when we decided to try Cova out.

Well, it is expensive but, according to May, the absolute best coffee she had in Hong Kong, bar none (she later had coffee at Felix, at the Peninsula and it was not as good as Cova's)

However, for me, the greatest discovery was not coffee (I don't drink coffee) but Cova's gelato: the place was full and the waiter had asked us to move to another table in order to make room for a family of 4. We didn't mind. To thank us, he brought us two cups of Gelato. A-mazing! The best gelato I ever had in my life; smooth and rich, sweet but not too much, very bold flavored. Yum!

They can ask us to again move anytime!

Downside: Cova is pricey.


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