Monday, October 19, 2009

Hong Kong: Scirocco

Scirocco is in SoHo and we discovered it one night when we were both a little bit blue and looking for a culinary distraction from the daily grind. We didn't know about the place and after a quick look at the menu, we stepped in. Glad we did! Very yummy Mediterranean food.

We had merguez; tasty, not too fat . Adequately spicy. Quite a good start!
Caprese salad; good Buffalone Mozzarella. Generous helping of basil (a few leaves between each slices of tomatoes. So the basil taste is always present). Here as well, very good food! Bold taste.

Tajine of Lamb; that was very good. Tender bits of lamb. Tasty sauce. Couscous came in a separate bowl; there could have been a bit more of it.

Desert of Sweet Almond Polanka Cake was a low point; would have liked a stronger almond flavor and maybe a coulis?

Total: $746 with 2 glasses of wine.

1/F Treasure View
1--12 Staunton Street, Soho
Central, Hong Kong

Check it out.

(update. We went back because we were blue one night and needed something comforting in our bellies to wash it away. Still very good! See below)

Risotto; very tasty. Creamy and Al dente, as it should be.

Seabass wrapped in paper. It does taste much better than it looks! The parchemin paper it cooks in keeps the fish moist and juicy. Delicious. And de-boned for the lazy eater such as myself who would rather enjoy the food rather than fighting with it!