Saturday, January 2, 2010

HK - New Year's day cooking. French Canadian food in HK!

May and I had a bit of winter wonderland withdrawal. Although we both hate cold temperature and snow day-in, day-out, we are missing the white Christmas period where families gather inside while it is freezing cold outside, to have a good time together, have a good meal and forget for a few hours that anything else exists but for the happy times we share for a few hours.

So, in that spirit, we made a very Quebecois meal consisting of tourtiere (meat pie) and pouding chomeur for dessert (recipe from Le Pied de Cochon)

(click on image to zoom in and appreciate the nice golden crust)
The tourtiere; basic pie dough filled with ground beef and pork, shredded or cubed potatoes. Goes well with fruit ketchup (or salsa)

uPouding Chomeur (the unemployed man's pudding); lots of sugar and maple syrup, and a moist cake-ish top. Very sweet but very yummy!

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