Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hong Kong: Main Street Deli

Hong Kong is said to be the heaven of foodies. This is true to an extent; for Asian food, variety and quality abounds. But for non-Asian food, it's something that we have yet to see proven true. I mean, it is certainly possible to find food from almost every corner of the world, but variety (and quality) is not always there. And once you get out of the "expat" areas (Central, Wanchai, Stanley, Discovery Bay, etc...), it's hard to find appealing non-Asian food.

Some examples? How many true Greek restaurants in Hong Kong? I know of two.
I think there's one Belgian. Tons of French but that's the 'default' foreign food label (with Italian).

So, anyhow, sometimes, we get a bout of non-Asian food nostalgia and that's what led us to Main Street Deli the other night.

Main Street Deli has burgers, and various Reuben/Smoked meat sandwiches. The decor is pretty much true to your typical New York or Montreal deli restaurant (except for the surprisingly Chinese looking Jewish staff! ;-) )
Food wise, it's decent; the meat, cooking and taste is fine. Fries are nice. But boy, the price is way up there. This is a deli. I guess there's a premium for the 'exotic' nature of a Reuben sandwich. That and the fact that the Gweilos have the money to pay for it...

Anyhow, it's worth going if you're not going to be in North America anytime soon.

Montreal Smoked Beef
on light rye with pickled
HK $138

"Our Very Own Reuben"
corned beef, pastrami, turkey,
sauerkraut and melted Swiss
cheese on grilled rye bread
HK $148

Main Street Deli
Ground floor of the Langham Hotel
8 Peking Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

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