Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hong Kong: SML

SML offers diners mediteranean fares (some with a slight asian influence) at an attractive price. The innovation here is that you have the choice of three sizes when ordering food (hence the name). We enjoyed all the dishes (except for the crustini which was so-so). The small size is enough for two people to have one bite. If you feel that you really love one of the dishes and want to make it a main course, order medium. I would say that large would be adequate if you are planning to eat just one dish. The thing we liked less is the long table layout and the somewhat bare/cold ambiance. Felt a bit like eating in an Ikea store... For ambiance, we preferred El Pomposo. And what's with the plastic SML character at the entrance? That one sure doesn't scream high-quality food.
One page off the menu. It gives you an idea of the SML pricing on a few dishes. Click on it to see a larger version.

Seared tuna; nicely done. Fresh fish. Nice salsa to go with it.

Meatballs; bold taste, with a zesty sauce that will tingle your tongue.

Lamb Kebab

Hanger steack, fries with mayo. Very nice; cooked to perfection and with a nice reduction to enhance the flavors. Well done!

Crustini. That wasn't up to par with the rest. Crustini wasn't all that crispy and the olives weren't all that good (isn't it possible to get good olives in Hong Kong? We always get crap!)

11/F, Times Square, Food Forum, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay

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