Monday, April 19, 2010

Hong Kong: Ma Thai

I was craving for some green curry and May suggested we try out Ma Thai at the Olympian II mall.

Green curry chicken.

Seafood Laksa. Broth didn't have much of a taste.

While not being bad, the food is just not great enough for my taste. There's a small Thai restaurant on Ivy street in Tai Kok Tsui that is both cheaper and, as far as I'm concerned, as good.

$297 for two (drinks, 3 dishes & service)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hong Kong: G Cuisine

I love that Hong Kong has pretty liberal regulations on building usage. Some restaurants most likely wouldn't exist if it weren't for those converted industrial spaces providing cheaper rent where restaurateur can setup shop. For the westerners, it might be a bit of a shock to enter an old industrial building and take a huge merchandise elevator to get there, but I don't mind if it's going to result in cheaper food and a new experience.

G. Cuisine is right next to G. Gallery, from the same owner. G. Cuisine is Thai fusion while G. Gallery is Italian fusion. We had a good time at G. Cuisine. However, service needs to work out some kinks (reservation was a bit confusing as they had trouble understanding me, and the staff, overall, should get some basic training on proper way to service customers at what can be a higher-end experience). Nothing that can't easily be fixed though.

Homemade fish cakes with Thai herbs & Pomelo salad. Fish cakes were nice. I also liked the pomelo salad. I usually don't like sweet salads but this was fresh and not overpowering, and naturally sweet.

Tom Yum soup with mixed seafood

Braised New-Zealand Lamb Shank with Tamarind Curry. It was good but one of the two pieces of lamb was a bit drier than the other one. Not quite sure about the cold potato either; being cold doesn't bring out any more flavor. Just not sure what is the point.

Crispy Barramundi Fillet with garlic lime spicy sauce. Nicely filleted (no bones. I hate fighting with food). Cooked adequately (not overcooked), and the sauce was zesty and finely complemented the fish.

Mango Sticky Rice. I liked it; Mangos were nice and fresh and the sticky rice was not too sweet but gave the ensemble some nice consistency.

$576. 00 for 4 course set menu, two glasses of wine, and service.

G.Cuisine. Unit 402-404, Elite Industrial Building Centre, 883 Cheung Sha Wan, Lai Chi Kok.
Phone: 3583 0701

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hong Kong: Bahce Turkish Restaurant

After a 20km hike on one of the Lautau Island trails, a few fellow hikers and myself replenished at Bahce Turkish Restaurant, by the Mui Wo ferry pier. I had no clue that such a nice little place existed in Mui Wo. I shared the cheese whose name I can't remember with the guys; it was just amazing, with a little bit of olive oil and a pickle. I'm still salivating. My chicken kebab was also very good; tender and juicy, with nicely cooked veggies, some humus and a small salad.

Highly recommended after a long hike!

Mystery cheese, extremely good!
Unit 19, Mui Wo Centre, Mui Wo, , Lantau Island
Phone: 2984-0221 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 2984-0221

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hong Kong: Taco Loco

It has been a while since I had a Mexican food craving. I guess I just miss the variety of world cuisine we had in Ottawa. Anyhow, we went to try out Taco Loco in SoHo.
Overall, I liked the food (the taco actually being the low point; dry and not all that tasty) and the price is right. However, it is clear that the place targets take-home because no plates are to be seen, which makes assembling our fajitas quite cumbersome.

Hard-shell taco.

Chicken Fajitas

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hong Kong: The Pawn

Chef David Tamlyn serves British fare at The Pawn. This historical building, erected at the end of the 19th century, used to house tenements and a pawn shop. The decor is sober but pleasant.
I didn't know quite what to expect about the food because I haven't had much British food in my life and I still was living with the old stereotypes of "lamb with mint sauce" (I'm sorry).

We were pleasantly surprised with The Pawn's food; all the dishes were excellent and nicely executed. Although,

Asparagus salad. Just a tad short on asparagus.

My strip-loin was really tender, cooked right, with a nice, not too gravy/heavy pepper sauce. Very nice.
Fish and chips, peas, homemade tartar sauce. May thought there was no way we would go for British food and not have fish & chips. The fish was really good and the batter quite light.

Sticky toffee pudding, toffee sauce, butterscotch ice-cream. It was OK, but at $75, I thought it should have called for something a bit more special.

HK $816 for two, with one glass of wine.

62 Johnston Road

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hong Kong: Ming Court Dim Sum

May felt like having some nicer dim-sum than the usual fare we have to go through usually with her parents. Same thing for me; I like the occasional dim-sum session but usually, prices matches quality and there's just so much crappy dim-sum I can eat.

Ming Court was good. Being a 2 Michelin star restaurant, I sort of expected better, but still, a good meal. I have to say I prefer Ying's dim-sum, at the Crown in Macau. Mango pudding was very good.

Vegetable dumplings

Turnip Cakes

steamed pork dumplings with dried conpoy HK$38 (4pcs)

steamed pork dumplings in shanghai style HK$35 (4pcs)

steamed custard buns with egg yolk HK$35 (3pcs)

Mango Pudding

Ming Court (Langham Place Hotel)
6/F, Langham Place Hotel, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok