Friday, May 28, 2010

Hong Kong: La Creperie

Brand new creperie in Hong Kong (May 2010). We're very glad they decided to set shop in Hong Kong because the crepe situation was not all that great. While they still need to work out some kinks (they often book 3 people on tables made for 2 and a great deal of the menu items are not available yet), the crepes are well worth the detour. You will find all kinds of salty and sweet crepes to suit all tastes. Those guys certainly know their crepes! The dough is excellent and the fillings use fresh ingredients, which makes a big difference.

La Bosco: Seafood, white wine and cream. That was heaven in the belly!

La Nataise: Asparagus, mushrooms, cream, bacon, onions, parsley, salad.

Crepe flambee au rum (Bar-a-Bar). The bananas and the rum is just loverly...

100 Queens Road East, Wanchai

P.S. Marion crepes are crap... don't waste your tastebuds on them, book at La Creperie instead. Sorry, had to be said...


S Lloyd said...

I believe my crepes from home (France) are getting a run for their money: those look like creative delicious crepes!

JC said...

They indeed are. And they better be since the owners/chefs of la creperie are from Brittany!