Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hong Kong: Eat Right

Despite the restaurant's quite silly name, the food at Eat Right was fine and the ambience quite pleasant.
We opted for the tapas. There was halloumi cheese in two of the tapas items and we ordered them both. I discovered halloumi in Hong Kong actually. Although I tried quite an extensive variety of cheeses, I never had it before moving here. Halloumi, a Cypriot cheese, has a squeaky, slightly chewy texture which I find quite satisfying. It is quite salty but nice when pan-fried.
Anyhow, overall, the tapas were quite good not too expensive (It is Soho afterall).

Pan-fried halloumi with olives and lemon
Wild mushroom crostini with mascarpone
Chunky salad with baby mozzarella balls, quail eggs and parma
Pan seared Tuna.

Grilled halloumi bruschetta

HKD $457.00
Eat Right
23 Staunton Street

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