Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hong Kong: Wooloomooloo Prime at TheOne

May is going on a trip to Korea 'sans moi' and we were due for a nice dinner. Thought we'd try out WoolooMooloo Prime at TheOne in Tsim Sha Tsui. Because of the view and the fact that it is not supposed to be more expensive as the other Wooloo outlets (although I doubt it now). Certainly cheaper than Harlan's. Anyhow, it's on one of the top floors of TheOne, the newest shopping centre in Tsim Sha Tsui.

First thing that will strike you is the amazing views of the surrounding TST and of Victoria harbour. Quite a backdrop when dining, especially with the floor to ceiling windows at WooMooP.

There's also a bar area which seemed to be quite popular with both the locals and the jet-setting business types.

Ok, food wise. Unless you are really into over-sized portions and your life depend on eating half a cow every day, my recommendation is to share a main course instead of ordering two, and then sample a few appetizers instead. It will be cheaper, and you won't feel so disgustingly stuffed at the end of the meal.

The baked tomato. Quite good. I liked that they didn't skimp on the cheese; you get a quarter of the cheese round. So, for two people, it's quite nice. The pesto, cheese and tomato combination is quite nice.

Green salad; honest, quite fresh. A good prelude to a big steak.

Our NY striploin. Choose the striploin over the filet mignon; it's fater, therefore more flavorful. It's HUGE! (12 oz) Definitely enough meat for two. It's really thick so, as May likes beef a little bit more cooked than I do, we ordered it medium-rare, which turned-out to be a little bit more than rare since the piece was so thick. Grilled exterior gave it a bit of a nice initial crisp. Came with a bunch of tasty sauces. We ordered creamed spinach as a side which was also good (but it's hard to do that one wrong).

The grand-marnier souffle for dessert was quite tasty and baked perfectly (as you can see). Yum!

(A view from the WooMooP terrace, looking down at the downstair's restaurant's terrace and Kowloon park)

All in all, a very good meal in a warm ambiance, great views. Reserve some time to go walk the calories off on the TST promenade afterwards...

Acqua Panna (1L) (water): $55
Baked Tomato: $138
Garden Salad: $120
NY Striploin: $600
Creamy spinach: $70
Hunters Pinot Noir (Gls): $85
Hobeck Shiraz (Gls): $85
Souffle: $110
10% service charge

Total: $1390

WoolooMooloo Prime
Level 21, The One
100 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
2870 0087

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