Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hong Kong: Cafe de Paris

Last night for my mother in Hong Kong before she heads back to Montreal.

We wanted to go to somewhere nice enough where we could chat and have good food in an environment that eases her back to western life. And we also wanted to try out Cafe de Paris which seemed to be more affordable than La Terrase (also in Soho).

The ambiance is perfectly recreated French bistro with dark wood panelling, mirrors and the whole deal. Food was ok. I was hoping for a bit better when they claim to have the best steak frites east of Paris.
Was a nice evening nonetheless but I'd say, if you want to blow $500 per person on a bistro-type meal, BLT Steak is better.

True French bistro decor.

Not food related at all but I love this picture of the two most important women in my life.

Bread and rillette. Very good.

French onion soup. Good.

Salad Nicoise. Good.

Escargots. Good but quite small.

Frites et moules. Fine.

Steak frites. That was ok.

Da fish. Meh.

Apple pie with green apple sherbet. Too fancy; I would have preferred a nice traditional Brittany-style apple pie.

Mango crepe with Grand Marnier sabayon.

HKD $1402 for 3, including wine (after 10% rebate)
Cafe de Paris
23 Elgin, SOHO, Central

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