Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hong Kong: Hoi Tin Garden

If you come visit Hong Kong, you must try the seafood restaurants of Tuen Mun or Sai Kung (Sai Kung being more touristy, and pricier): you get to choose your live seafood, pay for it, and it then gets delivered to the restaurant where they will cook it for you. Can't get much fresher than that.

Buy your live seafood.

Tons of choice but you have to know what you want!

Dao Miu (Pea shoots)

Fish fillet and broccoli.

Razor clam in black bean sauce (love that stuff).

Another clam with glass noodle.

Big shrimp with blue flesh.


Hoi Tin Garden will prepare the seafood the traditional Cantonese way (that's a note for the foreigners who might have trouble with fish heads and such). Service was really slow but the food was great.
$524 for 3 people and we had way too much food.

5 Sam Shing St, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

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