Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hong Kong: Long Men Lou: Chi Lin Vegetarian Cuisine

If you haven't been to the Nan Lian Garden, in Diamond Hill, well you should. It's very nice and peaceful. Right next to the Chi Lin nunnery.
The vegetarian restaurant in the park blends completly with the park surrounding it and a waterfall splashes right in front of its main windows. Quite relaxing.

The food is nice and is what I would call real vegetarian in the sense that it doesn't try to provide fake substitute for meat for wannabe vegetarian but instead offers dishes that make the best use of the non-meat ingredients they contain. The result is tastier, richer and less tofu-based (i.e. it doesn't taste like cardboard)

(I suggest you try their smoothies; quite nice)
Eggplant & diced oyster mushrooms casserole. ($65)

Baked avocado and tomato with cheese. That was yummy. ($88)

Total bill: HKD $283 for 3 people.

There's a minimum charge of HKD $85 per person.
All net proceeds will be used to finance the management and conservation of the Nan Lian Garden.

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