Saturday, December 11, 2010

Macau: Ju Pah Bao & Fernando

We got free tickets to see Zaia at the Venetian in Macau. We therefore planned a little weekend outing; ferry in the morning and back the same day. Little walking around, some fried pork chop in a bread bun from a few vendors (May had the "bowl of fun", various inside parts of various hopefully dead animals) which are one of Macau's specialities. Hard to find a good one these days though.

The evening was spent at Fernando's, in Coloane, by the beach which we didn't see cause it was already night by the time we were there. Food was great an well worth the detour for the best Portuguese meal we had in Macau. Chicken grilled on the barbecue was very nice. We liked it better than Club Militare.

Fernando's unassuming front entry.

Restaurante Fernando,
Praia de Hac Sa, No 9


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