Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hong Kong: Sawadee Thai

 Evening out with May's cello peeps.

I enjoy Thai food quite a bit; it's bolder than Cantonese food, with strong and varied flavors.

Tom Yum soup. Yummy (pun intended)

Various fried stuff.

Green curry. Love that stuff.

Crab. Loved the sauce.

8/F Chuang's London Plaza
219 Nathan Road, Kowloon
tel: 2735 3638

Hong Kong: May & friends make cake

A little departure from the restaurant entries. May and friends are making chocolate cake...

The end product was most excellent.

Tiffany hard at work.

"Yeah, I kow what I'm doing"

"Uh, you mean... I can't eat it now?"

"It's easier than playing the cello."

The master-baker in his kitchen.

Accident waiting to happen.

May's contribution to the cake making day.

My contribution to the cake making day. :-)