Monday, February 28, 2011

Hong Kong - Classified

Classified in Saikung. Was quite good.
Eggs Benedict

Garden salad

Cheese, Tuna and Tomato Panini

Baked Camembert

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hong Kong - Petrus

We decided to delay our Valentine's day special supper to the weekend after Valentine's day to avoid the "sucker markup" that would have been tacked-on to our bill shall we have gone on the 14th.

I wanted to surprise May so I didn't tell her which restaurant it was but I dropped a few clues. Anyhow, we both thought that Petrus was very good. On a par with French Window @ IFC. Difference is in the decor; where French Window is resolutely modern, Petrus is gilded traditional. It reminded May of Paul Bocuse's restaurant in Lyon a little bit (a bit more understated though).
As May pointed out, Petrus got the service right; pacing of the dishes was perfect with the staff giving us ample time to talk and enjoy our time between each dishes. Quite unlike most Hong Kong restaurant where they'll remove the plate as one takes his last bite.

 Nice view. We were there from 19:30 to about 11pm to, we got to see the 'Symphony of Lights' from up above.

Amuse bouches; mushroom "sandwich" (very good) and cheese puffs (ok)

Periwinkles in Champagne jelly with caviar, sea urchin bavarois and crispy seaweed. Was too fishy-tasting for me.May enjoyed it very much.

Hakodate (Japan) calamari served cooked and raw, roast almond praline with saffron oil, black jus of skid ink. This was a spectacular dish as far as I'm concerned; the ever slightly crispy outside of the roasted calamari not only looked nice, it tasted amazing. And the raw calamari had pleasant taste and texture.

Black truffle and crispy potato tart.

Double-boiled oxtail consommé infused with Tie guan yin tea, smoked bone marrow ravioli. Very good and not too salty, as consommé often are.

Sologne venison fillet, Swiss chard and wood mushroom with cinnamon. Again here, excellent combination of layered flavors of which each note is both subtle and complementary.

6 variety of salts. All very salty! ;-)

Stilton cheese on a bed of caramelised onions and malt.


Victoria pineapple ravioli.

8th course Petrus set menu for2, with one Kir Royal, one bottle of water and half a bottle of Barolo Ciabot, HKD $4,000
Petrus. 56th floor
Island Shangri-La
Pacific Place
Supreme Court Road
Central, Hong Kong

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hong Kong: Tango. Argentinian Steak House

 Tango is a new Argentinian Steak House restaurant in Central. It is very comfortable, reasonably priced and the food is really good. They have and open kitchen with a wood burning barbeque on which the chef skillfully cooks various pieces of meat to perfection. I really enjoy the place.
Gotta be a meat lover though as, as you can see, that's a lot of meat!

Nice salad of various kind of tomatoes; colorful, fragrant, fresh and tasty.

Roasted peppers and potatoes.

The Gaucho platter (for 2 but 3 can eat on that baby); Short ribs, fillet and skirt: $475

Very tender and flavorful.

Nice ambiance.

1/F, 77 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong
T: 2525 5808