Monday, February 28, 2011

Hong Kong - Classified

Classified in Saikung. Was quite good.
Eggs Benedict

Garden salad

Cheese, Tuna and Tomato Panini

Baked Camembert


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the food and vibe at this place however the last 2 times I have been there the waiters have allowed dogs which sit with their owners at the front of the restaurant in Happy Valley to lick their hands and then they serve the food without washing their hands. Disappointing...unfortunatley being pregnant causes some serious concerns and will be steering clear of Classified Hong Kong!!!

JC said...

I think that the comment can be generalized; in Hong Kong, it seems that few restaurants have properly trained waiting staff. You certainly provided one of the most obvious example but I also noticed: food not arriving all at once for table mates, waiters reaching in front of a guest instead of going around, rushing service, not taking orders from women first (then men), etc

Would seem to me that basic table etiquette is something that is easy to teach and a good return on investment.

Oh well, maybe a few more years will be required to reach that kind of service level.