Friday, April 22, 2011

Hong Kong: 晶輝飯店 (Crystal splendor something or other)

One little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Tai Kok Tsui that is getting rave reviews from the locals.

The chicken hot pot was OK but we've had better. I thought that the chicken came in already a bit too cooked, which made it tough. Broth was good however. Not a dish that would make me want to come back but nothing to be ashamed about either.

The squid dish, which is supposed to be a house, specialty, was a big miss for me. I was expecting fresh squid but it was preserved squid with cashews (which were just fine). I'm sorry but that squid tasted like cow. And I don't mean it tasted like beef... no, it literally tasted like cow. If you have been close to a farm, there's this characteristic cow smell that is hard to define but immediately recognizable once you smelled it. Well, that was it. Ain't going to order that dish again.

On the other hand, the eel and rice dish was quite something; very flavorful and subtle. Eel was nicely cooked. Really enjoyable. 

All-in-all, you sure can't beat the price (can't remember the exact amount, I think it was under HK $175) and the quality of the eel-rice made us want to come back to try their other dishes in hope to find another gem of the same kind.

31-33 Kok Cheung Street

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