Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hong Kong - Mamoz

We were watching Dolce Vitae on TVB Pearl and they were promoting Mamoz, a new bar/fancy dim sum in Causeway Bay. Right away, the decor and setting got me interested (and took my mind away from the overly rehearsed and stiff delivery of the Dolce Vitae hosts. The producers of the show should just let them improvise. Would be nicer to watch.... anyhow, I digress...)

So, long weekend, we go check it out.

All-in-all, the drinks are great, the food is OK, the views are nice and the ambiance is quite relaxing. There isn't enough incentive for us to go back for the food on its own. But we'd go back for a drink at night, when there's a bit more people.

Cucumber Mint Fizz. The drinks are quite good. Worth going to Mamoz for.
Penne with shrimps in basil and garlic sauce. Was missing something. I'd have pushed further on the garlic and basil to make it more fragrant and embolden the taste. Or added a little bit of lemon juice, or hot sauce, to spike it up.

Steamed Vegetable dumplings (good), Steamed Angus Beef Balls (OK, but the Angus makes this classic Cantonese dish lose a little bit of its local flavor), Black Pearl Rice Dumpling with Gold Flakes (all sizzle and no steak; tasted bland)

Da View. Note that there was only another couple in the space. But, it was also 2pm.

4 "tapas" (Dim Sum + pasta), one drink + gratuities: HKD $260
27-28/F, Cubus
1 Hoi Ping Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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