Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hong Kong: Betty's Kitschen

Betty's Kitschen (notice the "witty" play on words there?) just opened at the IFC mall (where Harlan's use to be).
Checked ity out for Saturday brunch. It's all good but missing the brunch staples such as eggs benedict. Overall, good food but Simply Life is pretty much at the same food-quality level for brunch but is slightly cheaper.

Nice ambiance.

French toasts with black cherry compote.

Full English; eggs, smoky black pudding, Toulouse sausage, bacon and tomatoes.

Ahi Tuna salad.

Decor enriched with basil plants. I love basil.

Large Latte: $40
Betty's Full English Breakfast $196
French Toast $88
Red Ahi Tuna Salad $118

UKD $488.40 with gratuities.

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