Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hong Kong: Casa Lisboa

I'm really of two minds about our experience at Casa Lisboa; there was excellence neighboring mediocre. Let's go through our Saturday night at Casa Lisboa.

First thing that rang and alarm bell was when I asked for tap water, as I hate to pay for fancy bottled water that is basically the same thing. Nope, we were told they "don't do that". Ok, well, bring us some overpriced still water then.
Then, comes the bread with various spreads and a plate of olives. Now, come-on, a Mediterranean restaurant which serves canned olives? And some of the worst canned olives at that. Not impressed. The Sangria? Over-sweetened and cool-aid-ish. Much better at Uno Mas or El Pomposo.

We ordered the Octopus salad which, again, came with canned olives. And the octopus was OK at best. So, another miss. That really doesn't bode well for the night. The waitresses also look like they'd rather be somewhere else, which doesn't help the ambiance.

Ok, so in comes the roasted suckling pig. Excellent: tender flesh, crispy skin on a bed a flavored rice. Very, very good. So, we're happy about that and we forgive the previous mishaps. But then comes the Stuffed Quail with port reduction. The quail is dry while the stuffing is OK, the port reduction is flavorless and seems to have been reduced out of the plate. I left my happy place again.

So, at that point, I'm a bit confused. But anyway, there's desert, which may picks.

Glorious pick as the Serradurra is really, really good. It's a vanilla whipped cream desert with a cookie dusting. Some kind of Macanese Tiramisu.

So, you see my dilemma? Will we go back? I don't know. A bit like digging for a treasure in a minefield.

The canned olives. $35 water

The octopus salad, with complements of canned olives. $85

Entertainers. Seemed a bit bored.

Most excellent roasted pig. $260

Quail with port reduction. $200

Serradura (sawdust). $70

Total for two with a jug of Sangria ($210 wasted dollars), Coffee, water and service: HKD $984.50

Casa Lisboa
8/F LKF Tower
55 D'Aguilar Street
Central, Hong Kong

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