Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hong Kong: Kings n Cream

Now, that place you have to try and patronize frequently. It would be a shame if it would go away.

Don't know if you have ever tried the crappy pseudo-ice-cream that is served by the Mister Softee vans? Softee's ice-cream taste like shortening. Quite disgusting.
Kings n Cream  would be at the exact opposite of the spectrum; one can taste the richness of texture and flavor of their product which is, I am told, home-made.

That is definitely the best ice-cream I have had in Hong Kong.

(As you walk there, don't be too disconcerted by the fake-guns shop; you are in the right area...)

Kings n Cream
Shop G23,
1 Kwong Wah Street,
Mong Kok

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