Thursday, September 1, 2011

Montreal: Rotisserie Laurier by Gordon Ramsay

Rotisserie Laurier has been a staple restaurant for roasted chicken lovers in Montreal since 1936. Gordon Ramsay recently partnered with a local investor to bring the old shine back on the place.
We had not actually been there pre-Ramsay so we can't really compare the before and after. However, what I can say is that the rustic, no-frills, comfort food is great and locals, as well as visitors, will thoroughly enjoy.
Now, if you are in Montreal for just a few hours, are low on the dough but want an amazing lunch, Olive & Gourmando still wins the prize over Laurier.

Pot of dill pickles. Have one... or three!

1/4 BBQ chicken. Tasty, with fresh-made coleslaw. The sauce is out of this world good. CDN $14

Roasted chicken sandwich. Was nice. CDN $13

Hello Dolly. Nice crunch. $4

Bread Pudding. That was just OK.

Rotisserie Laurier
381 Ave Laurier Ouest
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 273-3671

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