Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hong Kong: Entourage

Sometimes, food is good, could even be great, but the ambiance or service of a restaurant is what makes you say you may not go back.
That is sort of what we experienced at Entourage. I called for reservation but no-one picked-up. I left the booking information and my phone number. The recorded message was stating that we would be called back. They didn't. We showed up and while the restaurant was mostly empty, we were seated next to the other 4 people in the restaurant instead of at a more comfortable spot with banquette seating. May asked to move. The guy said that he didn't really want to seat us there in case some group of 4 would show-up. But, there were plenty of room for a group of 4 pretty much everywhere in the restaurant. May was peeved.
Then the same maitre D' sort of came a few times to ask if we were ready to order, which made us feel rushed. Remember, 4 people in a restaurant that probably seat 40.
Then the music was sort of an eclectic mix of pop not too conducive to eating and more appropriate jazz pieces.
At one point, the staff decided to close the windows, which is fine, but didn't turn down the AC, which made the place really chilly.
It's sad because my main course, I thought, was amazing; the yellow-fin tuna was seared just perfectly, with  nice condiment of tomatoes and peppers. Two big pieces of tune. Really, really great. Just like the finest steak without the guilt! May's steak was OK but suffered from being Australian beef. Ok, we may be prejudiced but sorry, Australian beef doesn't even come close to U.S. or Alberta beef.

Anyhow, I think I may want to go back just for a Tuna hit-and-run but the overall experience at La Marmitte was much better.

Salad of feta cheese and grilled eggplant. Eggplants had a nice smokey flavor. Very enjoyable.

Vol-au-vent of crayfish with lobster sauce. This one was smelling so nice but such a disappointment as the crayfish was chewy and the sauce just not enough to save the dish.

Grilled yellow-fin tuna, virgin sauce. This was, for lack of better words, out of this world. Loved it.

The beef. Australian should learn from us Canadians, eh? Same sides as for my tuna, a bit strange.

Apple almond tart & ice cream. Was ok.

1-5 Elgin Street
SOHO, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2559 8281

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