Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hong Kong: Papi's

One of the characteristics of the Hong Kong food scene is how quickly and suddenly restaurants open and close. Mostly due to the insane rent prices, even busy restaurants will close because they just can't afford their rent. Uno Mas, which was quite good, suffered the rent hike faith.

Papi's is new but who knows how long it will last. We wish it good luck because it is reasonably priced and quite good. Fresh produces make the difference here. Among others, olives that are NOT out of a can. Yay!

Update 2012-04-30: Don't know what happened, we went to Papi again today and the food was just atrocious. We had meatballs that were mushy, mushy octopus, a whole round of mushy food. Not quite sure what to think of that place anymore.

Olives. Imported from Italy, not from a can! HK $38

Ratatouille. Bold flavors. Yum. $68

Rolled omlette with Gorgonzola. May would have preferred it warm, I thought it was quite good. $58

Marinated fresh squid. $88

Sauted clams. Low-point. Clams were way overcooked which made them overly chewy. $168

Sauted spinash and potatoes. $58

Tuscan sausages and Cannellini beans.  $98

Traditional Tuscan pudding. Sort of an Italian trifle. I thought this was really good. I wouldn't mind getting the recipe. $58 

Public Square (podium)
Elements Mall
Kowloon MTR station

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