Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hong Kong: Cinecitta in Tai Kok Tsui

This branch of the Cosmo Hotel chain opened last year in Tai Kok Tsui. Then, I went to check their second floor restaurant as it is very close to where we live and I figured that if it were any good, that would be a good thing for us. Unfortunately, food then was terrible.
So, when May recently told me that the restaurant changed and was now Cinecitta, I figured "Yeah, same crap, new name", until I realized that it was actually the real deal Cinecitta from Star street in Wanchai that moved to Tai Kok Tsui! Probably another victim of the crazy rents on the island, it does turn out great for us as it is literally 5 minutes walk from our apartment.

We decided to go visit in short order. Glad we did as the waiter confirmed that the whole staff of Cinecitta, chef and al, moved to the new location. And it shows; food is good, pasta are fresh made every afternoon. Decent wine selection.

The setting

Artichokes, roman style. HKD $108

Caprese salad. The buffalo mozzarella is very good; velvety and soft. Nice bold drizzle of basil couli.  HKD $108

Long gnochetti amatriciana. Freshly made pasta make a huge difference. HKD $128 

Osso Bucco, nice and tender veal, as it should, complemented by a  flavorful sauce and a side of cheese rissoto which was also quite good. HKD $248

Thin apple tart. Dessert were a bit of a downer for us compared to the rest of the meal.
I would have liked more apples on my tart. HKD $48

Tiramisu. Decent rendition in terms of texture and ingredients but too strong on coffee. HKD $58

My main concern is that Cinecitta may be a bit too expensive for the neighbourhood.
I wish them the best and hope that the Hotel's guests and the locals will try it out.
Ok, here is where I reach out to the island peeps; come to Cinecitta! Go shopping at Elements, then keep going one stop to Olympian MTR station to finish the night at Cinecitta. Or go see a movie at the broadway at Olympian, it's much cheaper than on the island (HKD $55, less 10% if you have one of the major credit cards)

2/F Cosmo Hotel Mongkok
88 Tai Kok Tsui Road
Tel: 2529 0199

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