Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hong Kong: The great Tai Kok Tsui croissant hunt!

There a tons of bakeries/cake shops in Hong Kong and generally, they are pretty good. However, they usually can't bake a good baguette (none of them can) and croissants are hit and miss.

So, in the hope to find the best croissant for my significant other's weekends' breakfasts, I went to many of the shops within a 15 minutes walk radius and did a single-blind tasting experiment with May as the guinea pig and Minou as the overall supervisor of this highly scientific process.

I did have pictures of all the croissants but, mmm, the guinea pig erased them from the camera so, I'll try to get them and post them some other time. In the meantime, here's a picture of the supervisor-in-fur, err, in-chief.

Minou, Supervisor-in-fur
(note that we didn't let him have any croissant)

So, single-blind, for the non-scientifically inclined, is a process by which the testee doesn't know the details about what he/she is testing (in this case, May didn't know which croissant came from which bakery and there was no way for her to know) while the tester knows (I did).

The results are listed by overall quality from best to worst:

1. Das Gute's croissant: Appearance 100%, Taste 83%, Texture 66%, Overall 75% Cost: 8$
2. St-Honoré's croissant: Appearance 83%, Taste 66%, Texture 66%, Overall 66% Cost: 4.2$
3. (tie) Simply Life's croissant: Appearance 33%, Taste 33%, Texture 50%, Overall 41% Cost: 9$
3. (tie) Taste's chocolate croissant: Appearance 66%, Taste 33%, Texture 50%, Overall 41% Cost: 9$
5. (tie) Wellcome's croissant:  Appearance 33%, Taste 33%, Texture 33%, Overall 33% Cost: 15.5$ (for a pack of 4. So $3.88 per)
5. (tie) Taste's mini-croissant: Appearance 33%, Taste 33%, Texture 33%, Overall 33% Cost: 4$ (it is tiny so, you'd need two to get the same amount of croissant as the other ones. $8 for the equivalent)
6. Pacific Coffee's croissant: Appearance 66%, Taste 50%, Texture 0%, Overall 17% Cost: 14$

Das Gute's win the award of best overall Tai Kok Tsui croissant (until we find another spot). St-Hononé has the best ratio of price to quality (and is in our building while Das Gute is a 15 minutes walk so, it may show up on breakfast more often!). Pacific Coffee's is an all-around disaster.

2011-12-04 Addition: I grabbed a croissant at Pret-a-manger and although it is not anywhere close to where we live, it is by far the best croissant we have had in Hong Komg up to now. Flaky outside with brioche-style warm and moist inside. Da best I tell ya.
Appearance 100%, Taste 95%, Texture 90%, Overall 95% Cost: 14$

Pret's croissant. The best.

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